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Banquette and Meeting Room

We are fully prepared to customize your package to your exact spesifications and requirements. We provide 8 kinds of banquette and meeting rooms, with capacities from 50 to 1000 people. Everything is possible. Let our highly trained and dedicated sales and banquette teams guide and assist you with all of your needs, to make your event a successful and memorable one.

VenueLocationDimensionRound TableU ShapeClass RoomTheaterCocktail
Ruby2nd Floor453015205565
Topas2nd Floor85552535105120
Emerald2nd Floor80502530100110
Pearl2nd Floor85552540110120
Silver2nd Floor5535152570180
Combined Venue
Ruby + Topas2nd Floor1651105075125230
Emerald + Pearl2nd Floor125854055160175
Pearl + Silver2nd Floor90603040115130
Emerald + Pearl + Silver2nd Floor145954565190205
Convention Center
DiamondLobby Level390255120175500540
SapphireLobby Level390255120175500540
Diamond + SapphireLobby Level6904502153108851000